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Greens senator Lee Rhiannon said the bill in Prada Bag Picture

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Both parties argued in the House of Representatives last month that the bill simply restored the previous understanding that parliamentary departments were exempt.

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The blanket ban was put forward even though the three departments involved admitted they did not need a catch all exemption. As Fairfax Media highlighted earlier this month, the new law was rushed through the House of Representatives while an independent report explaining the best way forward remains under wraps.

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Former attorney general Nicola Roxon last year ordered a review by Dr Allan Hawke, due by April 30 this year, saying the release of documents was contrary to "long accepted practice".

Coalition MP Bronwyn Bishop argued the parliamentary librarian who had to provide confidential advice to politicians had been placed in a "very difficult position" after a ruling that the service was covered by FOI.

But parliamentary librarian Dianne Heriot said in a submission to the review that a partial exemption, rather than a blanket one, would be preferred "in the interests of transparency and accountability".

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´╗┐Major parties face scrutiny over MP Prada Glasses

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The Greens are trying to water down a bill which aims to shield three departments that oversee Parliament from having to answer any freedom of information requests.

If this is voted down, the minor party will suggest limiting requests for access to documents to those relating to administrative matters only. The Greens argue it should be hard for the major parties to oppose this as the departments have publicly supported this position.

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"These parliamentary departments spend hundreds of millions in taxpayers' money a year and should be open to public scrutiny, helping to maintain public confidence and avoid corruption," she said.

Attorney General Mark Dreyfus' office said last month Dr Hawke had completed his review but was still preparing the written report.

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the three departments also argued administrative documents should continue to be accessible.

"If Labor and Liberal join to pass this bill without amendment, it will be a clear example of the old parties working together to block scrutiny of MPs expenses and other public spending."

The bill to allow a blanket exemption is expected to be debated in the Senate on Tuesday night.

its current form was "an obstacle to transparency and reflects a dumbing down of FOI laws to protect the major parties".

The Greens in the Senate will attempt to force the major parties to accept an amendment ensuring departments are open to requests for information about salaries and additional salary for office holders, electorate allowances, superannuation, services and facilities to support politicians in Parliament House.

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In a joint submission to the review, Prada Wallet Men Blue

The Gillard government claimed an "anomaly" had been found last year when Fairfax Media successfully obtained information from the Department of the House about former speaker Peter Slipper's travel, catering and clothing purchases.

The three agencies that oversee Federal Parliament with a total annual budget of $170 million are the Department of Parliamentary Services, the Department of the Senate and the Department of the House of Representatives.

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