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They currently manipulate the NRL fixtures around the Origin games, giving byes in those weeks to the teams that are most affected by absentees, so it wouldn't seem impossible to adapt it further.

Perhaps it's about finding the right time of year, or the right venue. I suggested on Twitter, tongue in cheek of course, about playing the match at a pop up stadium in Shepherd's Bush to attract some away support. None of the sides involved got any real benefit from those matches.

Obviously a lot of things would have to coincide for this to happen. The RFL and the NRL would have to come to some agreements over their schedules to make space.

Should bring in a Yorkshire East v Lancashire West type game and work at that as a step up from normal super league games. Don't give up so quickly. The game of orgin was not big in the beginning.

However I don't feel scrapping the game is an option. I think it's vital for England to play someone like the Exiles. And the players who take part for the Exiles say it is a great honour to be selected in a representative team, giving them a chance to play against a national team in a one off fixture.

The exiles is a training game Prada Glasses Frames 2017 full stop, no matter the potential of the exile players. Hence your asking hard pressed fans to pay out money for a training game remember money is needed to attend the world cup games. Plus the RFL force us fans to have to travel to Wembley or Cardiff to see the bigger England games, hence more cost hopefully England get to final and then I can attend without the addition cost of travel and hotel. Yeah I know expansion but need to consolidate the home base first and then push expansion from position of strength. a tour training run out.

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Prada Glasses Frames 2017

Prada Glasses Frames 2017

Prada Glasses Frames 2017

Prada Glasses Frames 2017

While I may have watched from afar as England took on the Exiles (the opportunity of a few days off saw me take the family to Portugal), I was still interested to see what happened.

But even if England only get to play two games, against say a New Zealand XIII and Samoa, then that would surely be of benefit to both them and also the international game as a whole. It could be Australia 'A' are selected from those that aren't taking part in the Origin Series to take on McNamara's men.

Prada Glasses Frames 2017

Prada Glasses Frames 2017

The break would also allow those not involved with England to re charge their batteries for the second half of the season (though could that then bring in club v country issues?). Like any walk of life, rugby league players work hard at their jobs and it can be as mentally draining as it is physically.

´╗┐Luke puts forward the idea of England going on a mid

Prada Glasses Frames 2017

England need some sort of hit out Yorkshire v Lancashire tried and failed in the not so distant past, while there's no point playing France or Wales at the moment. None of the sides involved got any real benefit from those matches.

Having empty stadiums is not good for the game, especially if they are televised. Obviously some matches are well attended and some clubs attract sizeable attendances, but the numbers coming through the turnstiles has to be a concern for the game moving forward.

New Zealand would have players available during that time, while Samoa and Tonga could be possible opponents too. I know they are trying to put a lot into the island nations and something like this would surely aid their development in both the short and long term.

Prada Glasses Frames 2017

Ben Gittins says.

Like I said, I'm not saying the Exiles game should be buried in a hurry. But perhaps the international game could do with a boost, and a mid season tour might be just the shot in the arm it needs.

Prada Glasses Frames 2017

Luke Dorn

Prada Glasses Frames 2017

what about this rather than taking on the Exiles here, England instead travelled for a tour of Down Under, though not to face Australia.

give themselves some meaningful opponents midway through a campaign? Personally, I think the concept is still good. The key to it, though, is making it popular with the fans, and that perhaps means changes are needed.

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The fourth edition of the concept saw England come out on top in Warrington, but perhaps a crowd of just under 8,000 wasn't quite what was hoped for. It was, as it happens, up on the figure for game two of the series in Huddersfield last season, but the numbers have dwindled considerably since its inception in 2011.

Graham Cox says.

A mid season break in Super League (and they are talking about cutting down the number of games anyway, so that shouldn't be hard to organise) would allow the national team a three week period to travel to Australia and play opponents during the time State of Origin is on.

It's a bit concerning when it's the pride of a nation against the best from overseas, a Barbarians team if you like, and we can't sell it out. It's disappointing, particularly for the players as they would love to be appearing in front of packed houses.

Luke, surely the answer to the Exiles attendance problem lies in the location that the matches are being played in. Without being disrespectful to Warrington the game should not be played in a town that is obscure to most outside of the heartlands.

Jo Ed says.

By doing this, national boss Steve McNamara could also have his NRL players in camp and although not all of them might be able to play due to their club commitments, it would at least allow the entire squad to get together.

Whilst I am up for whatever suggestions may be thrown into the melting pot we need to look at the game as a whole. If we can't manage to get decent attendances for challenge cup matches (matches that involve clashes between top Super League clubs) then what chance do we have of attracting supporters to such games as the Exiles or Yorkshire v Lancashire. Super League Prada Eyeglasses 2016

So what else can England do to Prada Nylon Crossbody Bag

has been marketed and hyped to such a degree that no other matches seem to be of any significance. Isn't this a result of following the NRL who, other than State of Origin, are not interested in anything beyond their own competition. No sponsors for Super League and no sponsor for the World Cup demonstrates that the game needs to be re thought, re structured and re marketed before it implodes completely. What is needed is a revolution in thinking if Rugby League is to survive at all.

Prada Glasses Frames 2017

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