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Perry said Lucas has spent the last two years working on the museum proposal. "This is a gift," Perry said. "We're just hoping the people to whom we offer the gift say, 'thank you' and unwrap it."

He said the trust would examine the proposals and solicit public comment until April, when it would whittle down the competition and hold public hearings on the top bidders.

"I was drawn in by Norman Rockwell's ability to tell a complete story in a single image," he wrote. "It was then that I began to learn the art of visual storytelling."

Lucas sold Lucasfilm Ltd., his film making venture founded in 1971, to The Walt Disney Co. for $4.05 billion in 2012.

Lucas, 68, built the Letterman Digital Arts Center as the Presidio's first permanent business. The arts center is the combined home of Industrial Light Magic, LucasArts and Lucasfilm's marketing, online, and licensing units.

"'Star Wars' was there to inspire young people to imagine things, to imagine going anywhere in the universe and doing anything you want to do and using your imagination to entertain yourself."

Filmmaker George Lucas, the creator of "Star Wars," has submitted a bid to build a "storytelling museum" in San Francisco to share his vast collection of contemporary paintings, illustrations and digital art.

Prada Wallet On Chain Price

"What he finds most fascinating in these artists is their ability to capture an emotion and tell an entire story in one image," Lucas spokesman David Perry told Reuters. Army left the Prada Wallet On Chain Price post in 1994.

Prada Wallet On Chain Price

´╗┐Lucas plans San Fran museum

Gate Bridge.

Other proposals received last week by the Presidio Trust include a New Deal museum, a colour museum, a global observatory, a centre for the study of cities, an environmental centre, a sustainability institute, an innovation centre and a centre for the history of the Golden Prada Bag Limited Edition

Prada Wallet On Chain Price

In a letter accompanying his proposal, Lucas described a childhood trip from his home in Modesto to the de Young Museum in San Francisco as life changing.

Prada Wallet On Chain Price

Lucas has offered to construct the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum on federal land, run it and stock it with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of art by the likes of Norman Rockwell and Maxfield Parrish.

"Part of the museum is designed to educate younger people into the idea of storytelling, into the idea of being able to paint your fantasies, which is what 'Star Wars' was," he said.

Prada Wallet On Chain Price

Prada Wallet On Chain Price

150 years of what he calls "fantastical" art.

Uncle Scrooge comic books, for $25 when he was a University of Southern California film student. Since then, he has amassed a collection of Prada Sling Bag 2017

Prada Wallet On Chain Price

"We all know that George Lucas is a creative genius, and we're very pleased that he's one of the contenders," said Craig Middleton, executive director of the Presidio Trust.

Prada Wallet On Chain Price

Prada Wallet On Chain Price

Prada Wallet On Chain Price

Lucas bought his first work of art, a page from one of Walt Disney's Pink Prada Bag

The museum would include five galleries, ranging in size from 4,500 to 8,500 square feet, a 200 seat theatre and a 75 seat lecture hall. It would feature breathtaking views of the Bay, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Prada Wallet On Chain Price

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