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"The company still has to address work force reductions for CWA employees (Communications Workers of America)," Tawil said.

FairPoint has struggled with losses since its $2.3 billion purchase of Verizon's northern New England landline and Internet business in 2007, a move that expanded the North Carolina based phone company fivefold.

M ore FairPoint cuts possible

Tuesday's outage is embarrassing because it Prada Bags 2017 Collection

Workers, which covers line crews and other operations.

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The DSL cable, a type known as 72 fiber, was repaired Monday but the FAST cable, a larger and complicated type known as 288 fiber, was not scheduled to be spliced until late Tuesday, Nevins said.

Pursuit of such efficiency could mean FairPoint cuts another 400 jobs, most in northern New England, after the current cuts of 400 jobs go through.

the current round of cuts would save it about $34 million a year. In its last earnings report, FairPoint said it lost $27 million in the second quarter Prada Bag Purple of this year.

indicates that FAST, with around 500 customers, depends on a single connection from Massachusetts, where it presumably interconnects with the FiOS system that Verizon maintains there.

The cuts would not affect the data center in Manchester that has to be maintained as part of the regulatory agreements reached when the Verizon purchase was approved.

Fairpoint service accidentally cut Monday

The company entered bankruptcy in 2009, which enabled it to shed some debt and reduce debt payments, but is still operating in the red. Its stock price has fallen from $24 after bankruptcy to $5.60 Tuesday.

FairPoint's problem is that people are dropping landline telephones for cellular service, which it doesn't provide. Its long term strategy is to replace that lost telephone income with money made by its Internet services, either through DSL over phone lines or the fiber optic FAST service offered in Nashua and a few other southern New Hampshire locations.

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Last week FairPoint said it would cut 190 jobs in New Hampshire along with 185 in Maine and Vermont, and 25 in the other 15 states where FairPoint operates much smaller telephone systems.

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CWA employees work at call centers and have a separate contract.

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"By the company's own estimates, (FairPoint) could release an additional 400 employees, in order to reach the industry average of voice access lines/employee 344 lines/employee," wrote David Tawil, an analyst with Maglan Capital. (Editor's Note: This article originally attributed this quote, incorrectly, to FairPoint.)

Even as FairPoint Communications prepares to cut 190 jobs in New Hampshire as part of a 10 percent work force reduction, the changing face of the telephone industry means it is likely to ax more positions in the future.

Embarrassingly for FairPoint, as it reassured the public that its job cuts would not affect its performance, Internet service in Nashua and other parts of southern New Hampshire was cut for up to a day because a construction crew sliced through underground cables in Salem.

Eligible employees will receive severance packages expected to total between $7 million and $13 million.

The company says it has no plans for future layoffs.

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FairPoint spokesman Jeff Nevins said a crew apparently working for utility company National Grid cut through two fiber cables Monday. One of them feeds DSL broadband over phone lines, and the other is the main conduit for FAST, the company's high speed, fiber optic service.

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FairPoint has about 4,000 employees, some 3,400 in northern New England, which is the bulk of the company's service area.

FairPoint said Prada Glasses Frames Womens

About one quarter of the job cuts would involve management positions, while the rest would be members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Prada Wallet Zipper

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FAST, which is FairPoint's name for the service Verizon operated as FiOS, is by far the fastest Internet service available to home customers in New Hampshire at least three times faster than DSL or cable modems. It is a star in FairPoint's business plan for using Internet income to replace the loss of landline phones.

"The work force that they came with was used to support the access lines that Verizon had (in New Hampshire), over 500,000 of them. FairPoint now has about 240,000 access lines," said Kate Bailey, director of the telecommunications section at the Public Utilities Commission. "We expect FairPoint to run their operations efficiently."

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